About Us

The video shown above was taken while the Smucker's had their retail store back in 2014. This helps give a general idea of how the business started.

"Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life." Proverbs 4:23.

This has been a key verse for the Smucker family to follow throughout the years since they have known the Lord and been in His service. It was out of this verse that the inspiration has come for the logo on their handbags.

Homespun At Heart started as a small family-run retail business back in 2010 in the heart of Holmes County in Berlin, Ohio.

It all originated in the winter of 2008 Mary Ann was looking for a simple tote bag to use as a diaper bag for her 16 month old son. She wanted something large enough to carry a diaper or two, a few accessories and her wallet. In her search she came across some handmade totes that immediately caught her attention. Because of her interest in sewing, she designed her own pattern which she used not only to sew a bag for herself but also for others. Being a homeschooling family, the Smucker's were always looking for things they could do together with their children, and before long, Mary Ann and her five daughters were all involved in this project.

With time, they expanded their line of unique handbags and added more styles, colors, and sizes. Working together in a family business was a great asset in that it provided opportunity to build relationships, share ideas and work together in a family team effort. Customers also had the privilege of stopping by the retail store and watching handbags being made.

Time moved on, and by February 2017, four of the five daughters were married and most of them moved out of state. As their daughters moved on into marriage and motherhood, the family closed their retail store and sold the sewing business. The new owners still sew on-site at their own store in Mt Hope, Ohio - THE LONE STAR QUILT SHOP. Although the Smucker's no longer manage the retail store, they are still the owners of the website. This keeps them involved in the business they enjoyed together.

It is their desire to raise their family to be an asset in the community they live in and to be diligent in the work of the Lord. The Smucker family pictured below as of Winter 2018.

Below... a family picture at our daughters wedding in February 2017

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